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Mucho Party for Android

Grab a tablet and get the party started

If you are looking for a mini-game party experience your mobile, then Mucho Party is the game of you.

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  • Fun bright look appeals to kids
  • Good five demo games and the rest easily unlocked
  • Loads of mini-games and ways to play


  • A struggle on smaller screens
  • Can cause arguments... (keep your tablet safe))


If you are looking for a mini-game party experience your mobile, then Mucho Party is the game of you.

Multiplayer party

This mini game collection removes the board game element of titles like Mario Party, leaving you able to play a host of fast paced mini games – think multiplayer WarioWare.

Before starting a game of Mucho Party you use the camera to put your own faces on the game's characters, getting you into the game. Once done, get ready to simultaneously compete against your opponent in a multitude of wacky one-on-one games on the same device.

Yes, using multi-touch this game lets you go head-to-head across a table with your opponent, so while it is required, this game is certainly better on tablet.

Loads of modes

Challenges utilize all kinds of gaming classics, including Track and Field, Soccer, Flappy Bird, and even a strange mix of Breakout and Air Hockey. These are all controlled through a responsive touch interface, and look amazing with their bright bold colors and clear design.

To keep the action even more frantic and varied, Mucho Party includes different ways of jumping between games. For example, Mosaic has you tapping what game to play next, while Random throws you leap straight into the next challenge. There are even modes like League and HotSeat that enable more people to play by encouraging you to pass the device.

The free version of Mucho Party only includes 5 mini-games, but if you enjoy them the one off in-app payment instantly unlocks a further 37 challenges for you – which is pretty reasonable.

Frantic fun

Mucho Party puts Mario Party style fun at your figure tips, and is certainly recommended for family fun.

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Mucho Party


Mucho Party 1.4.8

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